Tuesday 15 October 2019

Challenge #2 - Birthday

Welcome back to a new challenge here at Perfectly CAS!

Did you play along last month? How did you find the challenge? We are hoping that we can keep helping you to hone in on those CAS skills. It was great to see so many cards in the gallery, thank you!

Before we get started with the new challenge, we would like to announce our winner's for
Challenge #1 :)

Please forgive me as there aren't any winner's badges at this stage. I'm currently interstate with my mum who isn't well and I forgot to bring my USB with me. Be assured there will be badges that you can grab at any time once they have been created.

Drum roll, please.......................


Congratulations everyone! We were really impressed with how a lot of you who weren't comfortable with CAS gave it a go. 

Let's get started with our new challenge - here are the Designers to help inspire you.

Now! Don't be scared about giving this a go. If you stick to the rules of only using one third or less, you will be making the perfect CAS card every single time! Perfectly CAS has been created to help you minimise your design by only using one third (or less) on the front of your card. Sometimes you may even go over the one third but that's okay! As long as you don't go crazy....

1. You must follow the theme provided and adhere to the rules of only one third or less (with a little leeway allowed)
2. Link back to your blog post and not your entire blog
3. Provide a link to Perfectly CAS in your blog post (if you could include our graphic, that would be awesome)
4. You may enter as many times as you like but each entry must be different
5. You may enter as many other challenges as you like
6. Have fun!


  1. Very lovely cards ladies! This is most definitely a challenge for me so of course, I'm in!

  2. thanks for choosing me to be one of the top picks. Can't wait to give it another go

  3. I was so excited when I read the winner's post today! What an honor... thank you and congrats to the top picks. So many great cards in the gl=allery for kick off!

  4. Simply fabulous CAS cards DT .. Love the variety from each - great inspiration, Robyn